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Menial Tasks and the Creative Mind!

Are you sitting in the office reading this? Trying to escape all the repetitive data entry you do? Do you ever wonder why, of why, has your boss decided to give you such menial tasks? Hate the long one-hour drive into work? You may be opening your mind to new ideas, and better critical thinking.

How many times have you been in the shower or on the throne and get that moment of total clarity. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!!!


The dorsolateral striatum (DS) is a part of our procedural memory centre, that initially uses our prefrontal cortex (behaviour, executive function, planning, organization, reasoning, abstract thinking). As we repeat a task over and over again, the prefrontal cortex (PFC) becomes less and less active, but the DS is still firing hard.

Think of the DS as the gateway to the PFC. Mindless tasks will open the gate, but because we don’t have to use the PFC to complete the task, we are able to critically assess other topics in this area of our mind. Use these moments to your favour!

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