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Hydration Practices for Marathon Runners: The Risks of Drinking Too Much Water (Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia)

Here in Winnipeg, days are counting down to the 34th annual Manitoba Marathon which takes place this weekend (3 days!). Weather has been great in the last few weeks, and so I expect that athletes have had a chance to train in the hot & humid weather before this race. If this race turns into…
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Back to Basics, Repair at the Cellular Level: Phases of Healing

ssential to guiding any client’s rehabilitation is a strong knowledge about the phases of healing.  This is a very complicated process that we will separate into three stages: Inflammatory Phase Proliferation Phase Remodeling Phase Inflammatory Phase Begins upon tissue damage (mircodamage) – lasts 0-96 hours Blood vessels and cells are damaged, chemicals are released. Ultimate…
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May is National Physiotherapy Month!

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) is again celebrating the physiotherapy profession! Have you been keeping up with the NHL this year? Hockey Night in Canada games had previously been airing physiotherapy commercials to try to bring the profession to light with the public. If you have missed the advertisements, you can see them on this…
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Away with the flat feet! AAF Beware! – Adult Aquired Flatfoot (AAF) and Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)

Adult Acquired Flatfoot – aka AAF – is a deformity of the foot and is a result of a number of different pathologies. In practice, the most common reason for the development of AAF is Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD). We’re done with the abbreviations for now… Bilateral Posterior View Bilateral Anterior View Unilateral (R)…
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Simply Inspiring.. Elephant with Amputation

Elephant who gets his foot destroyed in a hunter trap, gets a new lease on life! Check story here: