Acupuncture Services in St. James & Downtown Winnipeg

Acupuncture is the safe and effective practice of insertion of fine needles through the skin barrier in order to stimulate the underlying tissue. The stimulation sites can be based on ancient Chinese meridian (channels carrying the body’s energy: Qi) or can be specific to the local anatomy (stimulating nerves, muscles, tendons, or joints).

Acupuncture is a pure form of physical therapy, as it is a direct mechanical stimulation of the affected tissue which leads to physiological benefits. The main purposes of acupuncture are:

  1. Reduce pain
  2. Reduce Inflammation
  3. Promote tissue regeneration
  4. Increase function
  5. Normalize autonomic dysfunction (your body’s fight or flight mechanism)

Some of the applications of acupuncture include treating low back pain, whiplash, tennis elbow, knee ligament sprains, rotator cuff tears, headaches, and even jaw problems (temporomandibular joint dysfunction - TMD).

For further information about acupuncture, including its 2,500 year history, please go to the website of the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada:

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