At Paragon Physiotherapy, every patient is treated as an individual - what may have worked for your friend's or relative's injury or illness, may not be the right solution for you!

On your first visit, your physiotherapist will complete a detailed medical history of your current concern, followed by an in-depth orthopaedic evaluation to properly diagnose your condition. Following this assessment, your therapist will review the findings and discuss possible treatments that will be beneficial for your personal rehabilitation. Each of these will be carefully explained to you so that you can make an informed decision based on your needs and our expertise.

Paragon Physiotherapy understands that there is no single treatment or procedure that will be your silver bullet to recovery. Your rehabilitation will be a combination of therapeutic interventions that may include joint mobilization or manipulation, myofascial release, acupuncture, use of electromodalities (such as ultrasound), or exercise therapy. In some situations, clients may also benefit from custom orthotics to improve their recovery.

As your rehabilitation and treatment progress, we will continue to reassess your progress, alter treatment or exercise plans as necessary, and help you get back to your peak performance.

PDF Download a copy of our intake sheet and complete it prior to your appointment.