Rehabilitation Exercise in St. James & Downtown Winnipeg

Whether you are an elite athlete or a “weekend warrior,” Paragon Physiotherapy will design a personalized, return-to-activity exercise program that suits your needs and goals. Have you just had surgery for an orthopaedic injury? Early exercise interventions often lead to better outcomes in the rehabilitation process. Our therapists will also prescribe home exercises for your recovery - what is done outside the clinic is just as important as what is done inside.

Paragon Physiotherapy is located adjacent to a personal training facility giving our therapists easy access to the gym equipment. This provides you with a way to easily demonstrate which activities or exercises may currently be problematic. Our therapists can then immediately treat you in our clinic and re-check to see if that exercise is now less painful or pain free.

The personal training facility is owned and operated by certified strength and conditioning specialists through Everest Training Centres. Having their additional expertise just next door gives you access to professional training for a healthier lifestyle. Check out their website:

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